SEVEN Guiding Principles for life in CLASSROOM SEVEN
1. Respect people and their property
A. Hands to self
B. Be Nice
C. Don't put others down
2. Attitude is Everything
A. Be Happy
B. Follow Directions
3. Stay on Task
A. Do your own work
B. Mind your own business
4. Proper Language
A. No swearing
B. No name calling
C. No rude comments
5. Everyone Act like an Adult
A. Be responsible
B. Act your age
C. No tattling
D. No whining
E. Don't be a bully
6. Come clean
A. Clean hair and body
B. Comb/brush hair
C. Shave
D. Wear deodorant
7. Be on time
A. Don't be late
B. Even 5 minutes early

1. The first time rule is broken, student will receive a verbal warning
2. Second time, student and teacher will discuss proper way to handle the situation
3. Third time, student and teacher will meet with the principal, and a decision will be made as to what action will be taken
Possible actions:
1. Loss of community activities
2. Loss of school privileges
3. In school suspension
4. Parental notification
The following Behaviors will not be tolerated:
Smoking on School Property
Possession of Alcohol or Drugs
Inappropriate Touching
Disrespectful Behavior, Willful Disobedience or Intentional Disruption
Threats & Intimidation Behavior