TREE--Who are you in this video?
Which person do you want to be?

What is TRUE WEALTH? What are some of your greatest assets?

Have you validated someone today?

Find a GRATITUDE ROCK-- What are you grateful for?

My Assistive Technology Story--Connecting the Dots

Coaching Video with Mo Cheeks Are you inspirational even if you can't sing?

Testing Out Twitter
Brain Rules
Person-Centered Planning
Great Teacher WikiPage
More Assistive technology video
Assistive Technology for Independence
It's Your Career
Project Based Learning Lessons Plans
Examples of student eportfolios

Integrating technology into teaching

Teaching social skills to kids with Autism
Teaching Social Skills

How To Clean the Snow off of Your Car Let's all be united in our goals!!

IPODs in the classroom

Route 66 literacy

Learning Tools

Budget Calculator

Using the newspaper in your classroom
Newspaper lesson ideas

Welcome Back to School
The Power of One
Newspaper lessons
Think Before You Post
embedding video

News for you online

Funny Videos

One Semester of Spanish Love Song
Funniest Prank in History

Better Teaching Ideas

Bugs Bunny Square Dance

Funny Car Video

Penalty Kick

Critical Workplace Skills

Squeeky shopping car

Old Lady Airbag

Interesting World Facts

Why is Education Important to your future?
Sesame Street Smell Like a Monster
WingClips-The Way Home
Beauty and the Beast
Getting rid of poverty
Chicken wing study
Nonprofit info
Supported Employment
Job Toolkit

Activity 1:

Estimating Ages of Famous People
All Things PLC
Project Search
Age Worksheet.pdf
Estimating Ages of Personalities
Answer sheet



Dad Life!!! Happy Father's Day